30/04/2024 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DAGBON ADVOCACY NETWORK OPPOSES ANY PLAN TO IMPROVE CONDITIONS OF SERVICE FOR FORMER MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT The leadership of the Dagbon Advocacy Network, strongly oppose the call by members of Parliament in Ghana for better conditions of service after leaving office. It is unacceptable for individuals who have been elected to serve the people and entrusted with public resources to demand additional perks and privileges once their term in office is over. Members of Parliament already receive generous salaries, benefits, and allowances during their time in office, and it is unjustifiable for them to expect even more at the expense of taxpayers. The primary responsibility of MP's is to serve the interests of the people they represent by bettering their conditions, and not to enrich themselves at the public's expense. Members of Parliament should prioritize improving the lives of Ghanaians and working towards the development and prosperity of country. It is crucial for them to demonstrate integrity, accountability, and a commitment to the common good, rather than seeking personal gain. For us at *Dagbon Advocacy Network*, the Ghanaian teacher and health personnel are the best people ought to be clamouring for some privileges after active service. The lawmakers and other political figures are the architects of the mess and the broken economy. It is therefore unacceptable for them to demand better conditions of service after retirement. The focus should be on improving the lives of all citizens, not just their own and families. In conclusion, we urge members of Parliament in Ghana to prioritize the needs of the people and give a second thought on their demand. Public service is a privilege and a responsibility, and it should be treated as such with dignity and respect. Thank you Signed