DEFECTION NOT DECEPTION As elections 2024 draws closer many things will happen,just as some members of the NDC keep going to leadership of the NPP saying they are a group who have taken a decision to join the NPP to vote for the NPP. It's a good omen for the NPP, however I hope they are real defectors and not decepters . It has happened before in 2012 where many came saying they have seen the good works of president kuffour so they are joining the NPP. We accepted them and gave them major roles , including party agents on election day . They surprised us . In 2008 similar things happened and we lost the elections in the second round . Today those deceptions have started again where we are told a group in yendi and other places across the country are defecting to the NPP ahead of election 2024 Let's accept them in good faith as members of the party ,let's welcome them in good faith ,for election is about numbers, however let's be circumspect in giving them roles in campaign 2024 . Some come to pick intelligence to our opponents ,after we have told them our plans and stretegy of winning the elections ,some also come with the intention of knowing the weakness of the NDC so we should give them roles to play and when we do they betray the trust we have given them . It's important we all appreciate that 2024 elections is not a joke , whatever stretegy they would want to use to win the elections ( May Allah forbid) but we must never underrate the NDC in this year's elections They started with deceptions about Kuffour stealing gold ,and his ministers having fat accounts ,they rolled their second stretegy by telling us Nana Addo was arrogant,they used all unprintable words against him ,then they came to defections of party people to the NPP and they succeeded They are at it again,that Dr Bawumia is a pastors , he has not credibility and attacking the clergy,chiefs , opinion leaders , groups etc so let's be careful in their plan of defectors to our party . Six months to elections 2024 everything is possible including lies , propaganda, and misinformation. The deception of defection in their numbers and we have to be careful. May Allah Azawajal bless Dr Bawumia,the NPP to help us break the 8. THABIT IBN ISSAH NPP COMMUNICATION TEAM MEMBER ( NORTHERN REGION)