Accra 17th Dec 2022 Appreciation Message from DR ALHAJI HABIBU ADRAMANI, immediate past National Vice Chairman aspirant. The election did not turn out the way we had hoped for, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, dedication and encouragement over the course of the campaigns and on the elections day. Warm congratulations to all the newly elected National Executives and better luck next time to those who were not successful yesterday. The party was the Winner. To all the 817 delegates who voted for me as well as the four Regions where I won, I am most grateful to you. To all the delegates who also did not vote for me but voted for the other Vice Chairman aspirants who won, am grateful too and remember we are still together. No matter who you voted for, you were ready for Congress to be over soon so we can all zoom into 2024 with a united front. Believing in the will of Almighty Allah, I humbly urge all my campaigners, regional coordinators, agents, and supporters not to be downhearted but to channel our energies and resources into working harder for the Party to win power soon. I am in high spirits and already working to reach out to fellow aspirants who were not successful yesterday, to give true meaning to unity, to bring our supporters onboard inorder to support the new leadership as we offer our all in all for the Party to win power in 2024. Once again, thank you all and remember to close your ranks as we offer our absolute support for the *Hon Johnson Asiedu Nketia* led newly inaugurated National Executives to succeed in rebuilding to recapture power soon. I still stand by my pledge to assist the party with my networks, reconciliation moves, strategies, ideas, and any support the party may need from me as we work together to recapture power in 2024. *Dr Alhaji Habibu Adramani* National Vice Chairman Aspirant 2022, Former NEC Member 0571144444 0572244444