WELCOME ADDRESS BY NDAN YAA NAA ABUKARI II ON OCCASION OF A COURTESY CALL BY HIS EXCELLENCY JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA AT THE GBEWAA PALACE. 5TH FEBRUARY 2024. Your Excellency, Nyebnima ni Nbaprenima, Honorable Members of Parliament present, National Chairman of NDC, National, Regional and Constituency Executives of the NDC, Esteemed Guests, the media, Ladies and gentlemen, and honored citizens of Dagbon, it is with great pleasure and deep respect that I extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guest, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the flag bearer of the NDC, as he graces us with his presence in the Gbewah Palace. As the King of Dagbon, it is my privilege to extend our traditional hospitality and to express our profound appreciation for your decision to visit our region. We understand that you seek to serve our country once again with dedication, wisdom, and a deep commitment to the well-being of all its citizens. We are grateful for your willingness to listen to the voices of our people and to pledge to get the nation out of the difficulties we have found ourselves due to, among other things, the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and other external pressures. As we gather here today, let us remind you that our unity as a nation is strengthened by the diversity of our people and the richness of our cultural tapestry. Dagbon stands as a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when different communities decide to come together in mutual respect, forgiveness and understanding. We are confident that you will carry our hopes and aspirations with you as you seek to lead our nation towards a brighter future for all in peaceful coexistence. I urge all of us to extend our hospitality, respect, and support to His Excellency John Dramani mahama during his visit to our kingdom. But before I continue my welcome address, I want to congratulate you and His Excellency Alhaji Dr Mahumudu Bawumia, the Vice President of Ghana for a clean campaign so far. He was in this Palace last year and I admonished him to lead a clean campaign with you devoid of name-calling and bitterness. He listened to me and today I am giving you the same advice. You have no other brother out there besides him. Being on the opposite sides of the political divide does not make you enemies. It rather enriches the opportunities of the family. The most important thing for you at this stage of your political life is to be able to tell your true friends from the opportunistic ones. You were there once, and it shouldn't be difficult for you to understand. I believe you are not coming to make more money for your family but to leave a legacy that your children will not only be proud of, but will pave the way for them wherever they may find themselves in the future when you are long gone to your maker. In seeking to make this legacy a reality, when you get the nod from Ghanaians, do not shy away from reshuffling your team to get the right ones on board by merit and competence and lay off even loyalists but misfits, who will only churn out mediocrity for your government. This applies especially to your kitchen cabinet, because they in reality rule you and the country. That would be a mistake no Ghanaian will forgive you, if you happen to be the chosen one. Right now every Ghanaian is looking for the leader with the magic wand. Would that be you or your brother? Only Allah knows. So a word to a wise is in the north. Once again, I extend a heartfelt welcome to you and wish you a fruitful and memorable visit to Dagbon. May you have a very useful and engaging interaction with our people during your campaign activities. Allah bless you. Allah bless Dagbon Allah bless Ghana Thank you.