Ndewura Jakpa and his Council/Advisors and Handlers Jakpa Jakpa Jakpa Bɔaƒa, Kɔrbɔto kulon, afɔmase lo! Indeed Ndewura Jakpa contact with present day Bole wasn’t an easy one penetrating into this vicinity. At Binduri/ Mankuma there was no food to feed his team, who were predominantly Muslims , Fate Murikpɛ, the Sankpari clan, Kumateh, Nafuna na and Nyejina na. On that day, Jakpa would spread beans on the soil, that same day, the beans would germinate and be harvested and cook into meals to feed his contingent. The Legend would have to spent seven (7) years in Binduri now called and known Mankuma, conquering the people of Mankuma ( Ɛnesɔ )was an unattainable because they will hang their amulets at home and leave for farm, whilst Ndewura Jakpa and his contingent continued firing into nothing. Mankuma was called Binduri rule by Chaŋpewura and his friend who was from Kadeche who was a Chɔblum man and a hunter who through his hunting expedition came into contact with Chaŋpewura. Chaŋpewura agreed to settle with his new friend from Kadeche who was a hunter, his landlord gave him the ultimate hospitality. It came to a time the hunter couldn’t succeed in his expeditions, and he ask Chaŋpewura should in any case he killed an animal which part would be Chaŋpewura share, and Chaŋpewura said, the land is mine, which ever way the lies with its body , that portion becomes mine. One day, the hunter told his friend, I’m also a soothsayer, not knowing the hunter was having a shrine he never disclosed to his new landlord, the Chaŋpewura. He left it behind when his landlord agreed to settle down in same community with him. After he told his landlord about his shrine, his land lord gave him a place to plant his shrine, and the place where the shrine was positioned is call “Kekpande” Ndewura Jakpa after many unsuccessful attempts to subdue the people of Binduri now Mankuma with his Mallam, one day at about 8 am , they saw one Old lady coming but with a bizarre attitude, Ndewura Jakpa called the old lady and told her not to be afraid. Ndewura Jakpa spiritual leader would manipulate the old aged woman to feast with them , the Mallam used salt to prepare meal, the old aged woman enjoyed the spiritual meal. She enjoyed every bite because, that was her first time of tasting salt, so she really enjoyed appreciated the great gesture . Next day, same time, the old lady will pass by and enjoy same meal, and that particular day she will walk home with a portion of the salt. She prepared meals awaiting her brothers who were in the farm, her brother was a powerful man with black ancestral powers. His brother was served and his enjoyed the spiritual salt meal, after a number of morsel he realized that the taste was unusual, and he asked his sister why the taste, the vulnerable old lady narrated how she got a salt , and decided to used it on her next meal. Quickly Chaŋpewura realized the spiritual implications and told his sister that , he was finished, the salt wasn’t just a normal salt, it was well prepared spiritually to succumb him. The old lady quickly told Ndewura Jakpa to invade the town or the Enuso at exactly 5am , and Ndewura Jakpa his contingent marched into the community, because Ndewura Jakpa and his team were living outskirts trying to penetrate and conquer. At exactly 5 am Ndewura Jakpa invaded the Nyasamse and picked them up like fowls. He ordered his fighting contingent not to kill them but absorbed them or simply assimilate them. They succumbed, and pray for forgiveness and acceptance as he subdued them . And they became part of his contingent. At any point in time the Enɔsɔ will always scout and clapping of hands as sign of paying homage to the Yagbonwura or any paramount chief. That was what they did as a sign of respect to Ndewura Jakpa when he diplomatically and tactically assimilated them, and henceforth that has become a norm on them. Ndewura Jakpa after realizing their spiritual prowess never wanted them dead but keep them as part of his team since they’ve willingly accepted defeat. Jakpa was a smart leader who will like to have a mix of fighting forces, this Nyamase were very powerful that the legendary leader will spend seven good years fighting them. After realizing their powers, Ndewura Jakpa, will test their spiritual prowess against his Mallam He did this with a black cow where the cow was placed in hidden place a room without the concert of both his spiritual leader, the Mallam and the leader of the Enɔsɔ the Kanyamasenyɛn. Jakpa brought both spiritual leaders, and first asked the Kanyamase nyɛn to identify the skin posture of the cow in the dark or hidden place. The Kanyamase nyɛn spiritually predicted correctly the skin posture of the cow which was indeed black in skin posture with a touch of white dot on its forehead. And indeed the cow was a black one by skin posture. Meaning he was one hundred percent correct in his prediction. Ndewura Jakpa nodded his head and asked him to step aside! He then asked his spiritual leader, the mallam , and he predicted the cow was white in skin posture! Ndewura Jakpa then asked that the cow be released, and upon the cow showing up at the entrance of its hidden room , the Mallam having realized the cow was Black; and he quickly enchanted verses in the Holy Quran and the cow with immediate effect change into white and back coloration. The Mallam refused to be disgraced in that manner hence, his actions to register his predictions right which came to pass. Ndewura Jakpa told both spiritual leaders that indeed, that haven proved to be men...... Ndewura Jakpa was not satisfied in testing their prowess’s , he will further put them through another horrifying attempt to confirm their respective bodies and fate. He called the Kanyamase nyɛn and told him, that the Mallam had threatened to kill him after humiliating he the Mallam, and the Kanyamase nyɛn said, okay that is fine, that he can only do that if he’s God. And left... Concurrently Ndewura Jakpa simultaneously called his Mallam and repeated same message as he had delivered to the Kanyamase nyɛn, and the Mallam also said let see if he’s God...... Early in morning the next day, the household of the Kanyamase nyɛn wailed that the man is dead, and same thing happened at the Mallam’s ends too. From there and then, Ndewura Jakpa will eulogies both spiritual leaders having showed and registered their spiritual boldness. Ndewura Jakpa decided to use the white portion of the skin of the cow to plant it at Royal mausoleum and planted the black portion of the skin of the skin at a place called Lɛrji Bamboi. Ndewura Jakpa ordered that, after his demise, he should be interred at the Royal Mausoleum as per his wished He did this, believing that, there’s no day any conquering group could defeat the Enɔsɔ, having tested and realized their strength. After all these , Ndewura Jakpa believed he had conquered the entire present day Gonja land, and rename Binduri as Mankuma, to wit end of fight/ war. But he realizing his mission afte leaving Mande, was not just to end his conquerors at Mankuma but to further expand his Kingdom. And that was another serious battle ahead, because Jakpa will have to make a grievous sacrifices before he could succeed in his quest, but this had to do with human sacrifice per the doctoring of his spiritual leader the Mallam. Fate Murikpɛ will need a male to enhanced his chances of successful career in expanding his kingdom, but this sacrifice almost became impossible for Ndewura Jakpa. All his wives will not allowed any of their children to be used for this sacrifice going into the future with expansion. Until one blessed morning ,Jakpa will sit quietly pondering over what to do as his mission was almost dash off. Jakpa Soni, his beloved sister will asked his brother to know why he was moody, Ndewura told his sister that, as discussed, my mission is coming to a failure, his sister told him not be worried. Those days in the history of Kagbanye before Ndewura Jakpa assimilation on Guan, the Mande movement used to marry among themselves, because of the insignificant numbers in population. And mostly or by large mothers were having control over their children hence, Ndewura Jakpa lacked the ability to choose a son among his children because their mothers will not accept this fate. Jakpa Soni, told his brother Ndewura Jakpa that, he should’ve known better that; it will be impossible to pick a son among his children knowing that their mothers will not accept this. She told Ndewura Jakpa to pick her children who are his Nephews, and those days nephews were bonafide children of their maternal uncles. Now Jakpa had his sacrifice been fully executed. And battle ready. With all these differences with difficulties Ndewura Jakpa had already established KƐYA GBON ( Yagbonwura was already in place ) Sonyowura is by tradition, is an elder to every Yagbonwura by birth, Ndewura will first establish Yagbon or a large household called Yagbonwura. During Damba festival Yagbonwura will parcel meat that’s a cow leg full flesh to be sent to Sonyowura, and Sonyowura will do same in verse versa And the meeting point where both children meet to exchange the meat is called Kalanpe or kananpe by popular standard. And after the sacrifice been done successfully, Ndewura entrusted the entire Mankuma land to his sister, he honestly asked his sister to choose any portion of the land and keep it to herself forever. But she said, I have agreed to be part of this mission to the successful end. But Jakpa sincerely entrusted the land to his sister, after sacrificing her children to win more battle, the first son die immediately Jakpa prepared towards the battle ahead, a spear was handed over to the first nephew but he die immediately in the battle field and the spear was handed over to his immediate brother per Mallam spiritual intervention and interest to win battles. Jakpa Soni son is Kakulasewura and his praise is LEƔM or Lɛɣmu to wit to get information you need to locate him. Every Kakulasewura praise is LeƔm and not Gariba or Nafuna Kakulasewura is the secret abode of every Yagbonwura because he has all the secre traditions of Ndewura Jakpa! From the death of Every Yagbonwura to his interment is carried out Traditional and customary by Kakulasewura and the Nyamase the Enɔsɔr. And the Council of Elders/ advisors to every Yagbonwura are seen underneath; 1. Kakulasewura 2. Sakpawura 3.Chorwura 4. Tariwura 5. Jahɔriwura Jirah Sonyowura; He stands tall, he is autonomous and Elderly to all the Principal elders in the Gonja Kingdom, and acting Yagbonwura after the demise of a Yagbonwura per tradition until a next Yagbonwura is selected per tradition and chieftaincy set up. With this rundown, it’s customary clear to allow Sonyowura to act accordingly in the absence of Yagbonwura, no traditional court is bigger than Sonyowura court after Jakpa Palace