OPEN LETTER TO NEC ON THE YENDI PARLIAMENTARY PRIMARIES AND MATTERS ARISING Dear National Executive Council, I hope my letter finds you in good health. Please permit me add my voice to the impasse of Yendi NPP parliamentary primaries. It appears disappointing, disturbing, intriguing, mind boggling and so much disgusting that a democratic party like ours organizes a parliamentary primaries like that of Yendi. I may not be abreast with the full facts of the Yendi issue but if what we have seen on social media and the reports we got from the grounds is anything to go by then, our party has a lot of work to be done going into the 2024 general elections. Problems identified; 1. From the videos we saw which was corroborated by some journalist on the elections grounds, no media personality was allowed anywhere near the sorting center. 2. The ballot papers which serves as evidence of who got which number of votes were destroyed if not all but some. 3. The elections which was organized by the electoral commission of Ghana got declared by Alhaji Masawudu the third national vice chairman of NPP and Chairman Samba the NPP northern regional chairman. 4. The election was declared without counting of ballot papers with proper representation of both contesting candidates. Concerns; With the above problems identified, one is left with the feeling that the election which saw Alhaji Faruk Aliu Mahama declared as PC for Yendi in the upcoming general elections is an Illegal declaration. Since when have we taken the duty of declaration of elections away from the electoral commission who by law is mandated to declare election results? Alhaji Masawudu and Chairman Samba showed signs of bias against Hajia Abibata Mahama. These two individuals should have known better and not to meddle in the affairs of Yendi constituency with such impunity. National and regional officers like Alhaji Masawudu and Chairman Samba should’ve known that neither the party constitution nor that of Ghana gives them such right of declaring election results. It is also important to note that in the middle of these controversy is Chairman Samba. The man who was involved in the Sagnarigu constituency problems, the man who was involved in the Savelugu constituency problems, the man who was recently involved in the Bimbilla constituency problems and now he is here again in the Yendi constituency with another problems. When will Chairman Samba refrain from fomenting troubles for us in northern region? Is it because he isn’t an indigene? Chairman Samba, his cohorts and stooges dotted across the region foment troubles as if there is no tomorrow for the party. Prior to the 2020 elections, Chairman Samba’s effort in fomenting trouble in the following constituencies was monumental; Wulensi, Sagnarigu, Saboba and Nalerigu. We subsequently lost all those seats. If chairman is allowed to continue in this trouble making business of his, in 2024 elections your guess is as good as mine. Alhaji Masawudu a native of Bawku didn’t think twice before making the obnoxious declarations. Maybe what is happening in Bawku is something he finds pleasant and would want to replicate in Yendi. For us, we wish no such thing happens here and we would as much as possible express our revulsion over his conduct and ask NEC to never send him here for any such mission. The party is for all of us and no desperate, self-seeking individual should be allowed to plunge it into chaos for his/her personal aggrandizement. By Abdulai Abdul Jelil Opele Tamale South Constituency.