PROGRESSIVE YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT BOLE SAVANNAH REGION 14/12/2022 THE HON DISTRICT CHIEF EXECUTIVE POST OFFICE BOX 2 BOLE- S/R. Dear Madam, PETITION AGAINST MR TIRAH HARUNA FROM TAKING OVER AS THE PRINCIPAL OF THE BOLE NURSING AND MIDWIFERY TRAINING COLLEGE. We the Youth of Bole wish to inform you about our intension to stop MR TIRAH HARUNA from taking over as the head of the Bole Nursing and Midwifery Training College tomorrow Thursday 15/2/2022. This decision was reach as a result of the following: 1. Mr Tirah Haruna is on record to have refused posting to the Bole Nursing and Midwifery Training College as a Tutor some few years back and went ahead to make a statement that even if he miss his way as a worker it is not Bole that he will land. 2. He is also on the record to have said that he wanted to be a principal of a Nursing College because all Principals were thieves and are stealing student's money to enrich themselves and their family, and to him that was the quickest way of becoming rich as a Nurse. And eventually, when he became a principal, at his first meeting with all the Nursing colleges principals in the country, he was asked to retract that statement and apologize to all the principals and he refused. Meaning his aim of becoming a principal is to enrich himself and his family at the expense of students and staff. 3. Information available to us also indicates that he has mismanage the Jirapa Nursing College that he currently heads to the point that there is totally no discipline in the school and has also runned down all the vehicles in the school and even tried to auction them to himself but was prevented. 4. Also, we are reliably informed that he is being asked to leave the college he is currently heading by the good people of Jirapa due to his mismanagement of the college and his first place to go was Wa Nursing College and he was rejected and they are now bringing him to Bole Nursing College. 5. Again, apart from the securities in the school all the other non-skill labour are all from upper west. This and many more are some of the reasons why we will not allow him take over as the head of the College in the interest of the good of the school and Bole as a whole. Thank you. ADAMS ABDULAI (THE PRESIDENT OF PROGRESSIVE YOURTH ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT) Cc: 1) THE BOLEWURA (THE OVERLOAD AND PRESIDENT OF BOLE TRADITIONAL COUNCIL). 2) THE POLICE COMMANDER BOLE- S/R 3)NKILI FM, BOLE 4. YAGBON RADIO, BOLE