RE: A CLARIFICATION ON A JOB OFFER ASSERTION MADE BY HAJIA FATAHIA ABDUL AZIZ It has come to my attention that Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz has mentioned publicly that she offered me job opportunities, which I declined. I would like to unequivocally state that this assertion is not accurate. I have not received any formal job offers from Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz or her team. I would also like to draw the attention of the good people of Savelugu and the public that, what she said during the meeting was nothing but lies peddled to win a position in the hearts and minds of the electorates. My campaign team since the start of the primaries to the end decided not to give attention to her influence peddling. However, we are required, to now remind her to move away from the campaign mood and get settle for work. In matters regarding who is speaking the truth and who is not, I would like to put the following questions before Hajia Fathihia Abdul Aziz. Answers and clarifications to these questions, I hope will settle the matter once and for all: 1. I would like to find out from her what type of job she lobbied/ offered me and under which ministry or department? 2. I would be delighted to know if Hajia Fatahia Abdul Aziz could indicate when this job offer issue was initiated or discussed ie before, during or after the primaries. 3. The good people of Savelugu would like to also know, on the many occasions that those job offers were declined who did she give those opportunities to? We had many of our young men and women who were campaigning for her because they were unemployed and seeking employment or is it that none of those young followers did not qualify? 4. It’s important that Hajia clarifies to the people of Savelugu who the link between me and her was when the so-called jobs were offered or discussed. 5. Its also important for Hajia to let the public know the name of an elder from Tamale she tasked to find out from me if I was interested in a job. The party has been in power since 2017 and as the first person to have won the seat, I should have been considered for appointment, but I was not considered. The president during his campaign tour in 2016, promised the Yoo Naa now Yaa Naa that should I win the Savelugu seat for the NPP he will reward me with ministerial appointment. He is yet to fulfil his promise after Seven years in government. If the president could not fulfil such an important promise made before a revered chief how can a paper pusher at the presidency do it. I believe it is important for our discourse to be grounded in truth and accuracy, especially in matters as crucial as employment. Employment is an important issue in our public life and for someone like me to get an offer and declining it without recommending another person is bizarre to say the least, even if the one offering the job does not think of those around her. In conclusion I would genuinely like to let the public know the fact, that she used chiefs and other elders to stop me from contesting her which did not amount to job offer. I considered those moves as calculated attempts by a desperate political office seeker to scam the good people of Savelugu. I and my team wish you well in your political outreach. Thanks Hon. Mohammed Abdul Somed Gunu (Former NPP MP, Savelugu constituency)