THE SERVICES OF THE SERVANT, KUMBUNGU DISTRICT IN FOCUS. The good news broke up to the surprises of many within and outside the District. When a young man who had dedicated his life and services serving his political party as a Constituency Executive for 16 good years. The good news was for the young man to assume the position of article 57(1) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana to help facilitate the developmental needs of the people of Kumbungu District. He accepted the role assigned him and had 100% endorsement by the assembly reps in the District. Kumbungu as a newly young created district which was barely four and half years after creation was far behind development. The District with 116 communities were craving for so many social amenities such as good drinking water, roads infrastructure, CHIPS compounds to house health services, school infrastructure and basic needs, rural electrification to facilitate socioeconomic activities, employment, agribusinesses to help boost entrepreneurship among the locals and many more. THE MAGICAL WORKS IN THE KUMBUNGU DISTRICT BY THE YOUNG SERVANT. In the first term of the young servant as the Head of the District in charge of government business, we saw 31 communities connected to the national grid, 87 boreholes dugout to communities, one district one warehouse project, one village one dam project to 5 communities, Bontanga Nawuni road saw a facelift, kumbungu township roads, community road networks also saw facelifts. Kumbungu District Assembly completion, 6 units class room blocks for 15 schools, distribution of tricycles to the needy, hair dryers, sewing machines, employments to the youth and educational scholarships, number of support to youth groups and sports activities, and entrepreneurial support to the skilled and unskilled workers within the District. This and many more draw the attention of many interested parties to keep their eyes and focus on Kumbungu District. The government in power, party faithfuls, the opposition, youth groups, the NGOs and the neutrals as well as the media in and outside the district keep their focus on Kumbungu District. The developmental projects sprinkled all over the District calls for political arguments and debates, asking questions why why why, because many thought it was too unrealistic and others said that was magical work for the government in power and the young servant. To the many, all came in the name of good leadership and visionary leader’s at the realm of affairs of the district whose agenda is to develop their people. The servant who happened to be a native of the district vowed to do everything possible to lobby from the central government for more developmental projects, and as the saying goes in his native language that “ somua be zori ka Chari o ba tinga “ to wit, a native son never run’s away from home and so therefore must do everything to keep home safe and worthy of living. He continues to lobby at all corners of the central government for more projects and that took him to the second term in office as the representative of the central government business in Kumbungu district. In his second term in office, the young servant continues lobbying secure additional 39 communities which was commissioned last month making a total number of 70 communities connected to the national grid. A number of road networks such as Gumo-Kpilo Nwodua to Kochim road, Kumbungu-Gbulun road, Nyankpala-Gbulun road, Bi-water junction to Nyankpala road, Tolon Gbulun road and that of Lingbung - Kule roads are under constructions to give relief to the people. Number of water projects, kumbungu market facelift and number of toilets facilities were constructed. Number of telecom facilities provided to overseas and remote communities such as Singa, Tibun and its environs, Magni, Tolgu and Gbali to help them easy access to phone calls and internet connectivity to boost their social lives. In his course of lobbying, Kumbungu SHS was given 62 seater bus. He continues lobbying for class room blocks for basic and junior high schools in the district, facilitating and attending public functions on behalf of the party and the President. Giving supports to farmers and entrepreneurs in the district, organising social activities for needy and people living with disabilities. As health is very key to human life, through his efforts the district was awarded agenda 111 Hospital facility, and kumbungu district can now boost of her own satellite centre for national health insurance services which was commissioned to the public yesterday 5th December, 2022. As the craving for development continues within the district, and as a DCE with vision and ambition to rescue the good people of Kumbungu District, Hon Abdul Salam Hamza Fataw vowed once again to serve them with all his might to bring total development and prosperity to the land of Binbiem and its environs. Long live Kumbungu District. Long live Hon Abdul Salam Hamza Fataw. DCE for Kumbungu. Signed by; Nabila Alhassan Basiru Director of Operations, Northern Regional Youth Wing NPP.