The Chief of the Dagbon Students Association (DASA) of the Tamale Technical University, Chief Nurudeen Ibrahim has appealed to the Akufo Addo government to review the monthly allowance paid to National Service Personnel. According to him, Ghana's economic challenge had made life unbearable to the service personnel at their respective post following the low income they receive on monthly basis. Chief Nurudeen revealed that most of the personnel have become professional begers, whilst others depend on relatives for food and transportation to work. “The amount the service personnel receive every month under this economy is sickening and unfortunate, everything in the market and even on table top is soaring each day due to the economic crisis that had bedeviled the country, for the past eight years, Service Personnel in Ghana still survive on Gh¢559.04 as monthly allowance, some of them are posted outside their regions, Municipality and districts, how can this people feed themselves, pay utility bills, rent and trek to work everyday, just this week, PURC announced increment of utility bills which will take effect next week, why is the State bent in making living difficult for we the youth, the allowance of this people remain the same”. Chief lamented. According to him the State authorities are failing the youth of this country, stating that none of the political class and technocrats seem not boarded about the plight of the service personnel. Addressing journalists at his TaTU palace, Chief Nurudeen appealed to the government through the Ministry of Education, National Service Secretariat to humanly increase the allowance to Gh¢1,000. “The reason for the Gh¢1,000 proposal is that, at list the National Service Personnel can save some monies to start their own small business after the one year period”. He added. He further encouraged the leadership of the personnel to petition the relevant authorities, and continue to remain the government the need for the increment. About NSS allowance increments Government in December 2016 approved GHC559.04 to be paid to National Service Personnel as a monthly allowance (starting January 1, 2017). The reviewed amount represented a 60 per cent increment of GH?350 which personnel were receiving at the time. In January 2014, the National Service Scheme allowance increased to GH?350.00 from GH?243.48. Source: