The Senior Housemaster of Kalpohin Senior High School in Tamale has been reported to the Northern Regional Police Command for negligence, resulting in the death of a student. The 17-year-old student, who tragically passed away on Sunday night, was entrusted to his fellow students’ care to take him to the hospital after obtaining an exeat signed by the senior housemaster for medical attention. Moses Baffoe, a resident of Tamale, witnessed the sick student vomiting at the school’s entrance while on his way home. Baffoe made two unsuccessful attempts to get the attention of the senior housemaster to address the situation. Upon the third attempt, the housemaster finally arrived at the school entrance, but by then, the student had already been taken to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for medical attention. Subsequently, Mr. Baffoe reported the senior housemaster to the police for negligence, upon learning that the student had lost his life before reaching the hospital. #secondinage By Shawana Yussif