The Ministry of Education has refuted recent claims indicating a government proposal to change the uniforms of public school students. Dispelling these rumours, the Ministry has officially stated that there are no plans to change the uniforms across all public schools, nor any initiatives to repaint existing school facilities. Kwasi Kwarteng, speaking on behalf of the Ministry, underscored that the current initiative exclusively focuses on newly constructed schools. The aim of that, according to him, is to enhance their visual appeal and bolster public confidence in the quality of public basic education. “Contrary to the reports, the Ministry of Education isn’t changing uniforms for all public schools. Neither is the Ministry repainting existing ones. “The initiative focuses on newly built schools, aiming to uplift their appearance and enhance public confidence in public basic schools. “Similar to senior high schools, junior high schools may have options for uniforms, but it doesn’t imply a widespread change. The emphasis is on enhancing the aesthetic of new school facilities, not altering existing ones,” he stated in a brief statement. Mr Kwarteng’s comment is in contradiction to the Education Minister’s disclosure during a forum titled ‘The Free SHS story’ in Accra on Tuesday, April 23, that the brown and yellow uniforms would be replaced. Dr. Adutwum further revealed that this initiative is one of many aimed at revitalizing basic education in the country and making it more appealing. “We are switching to blue and white. We are painting all the schools to give them an attractive outlook. This is the transformation Ghana deserves and it is coming.” He also announced that the brown and yellow uniforms would be replaced. “We are changing the uniforms of public basic schools in the country. The yellow and brown that you see now, you will see no more. Reformation is coming to a community near you, and you will see it.” Source: CitiNewsroom