Patrons at the just ended Cook-A-Thon by Executive Chef Faila are showering praises to the staff and management of Studio 502 for the uninterrupted live coverage of the program. Since the start of the Cook-A-Thon from 1st January, 2024 to 10th January, 2024, Studio 502 broadcast the program via their Ghana Feed page on Facebook. Chef Faila’s official Facebook account also relied solely on the Ghana Feed page owned by Studio 502 to broadcast the program live to its numerous viewers across the globe who couldn’t make it to Modern City Hotel in Tamale, where the event was held. In an interactions with 502 Prince Chentiwuni, a native of Tamale, Mr. Inusah Yahaya who was at the venue on the last day of the event said he got to know about the event through the Ghana Feed page. He thanked the staff of Studio 502 for the role they played in projecting Northern Ghana and Failatu Abdul Razak’s attempt to break the longest hours cooking competition. “I did not hear anything about the Cook-A-Thon Competition. It was on the second day that I saw the live streaming of the event on Facebook, so I quickly asked some friends and they confirmed that such event is happening in Tamale. So since then I’ve been here till the end of the program. And because of the crowd here, sometimes you can’t see anything at the front and Faila’s kitchen, so I’m compelled to rely on the Ghana Feed page for updates of the event”. Mr. Inusah Yahaya said. “I must emphasize that they have a very hardworking staff and quality cameras because everything was clear”. Also, another patron, Madam Hairiya Alhassan couldn’t hide her excitement about the wonderful work by the Studio 502 team. According to her, due to her work schedule, she couldn’t attend the program to show her love and support to Faila from day 1 to the 9th day but she was monitoring everything through the Ghana Feed page in her office. She added that, some local Tv stations which she watched when she’s home were also picking feed through the Ghana Feed page.
Madam Hairiya appealed to management of Studio 502 to establish a Tv channel on Multi TV to enable Ghanaians especially people from Northern region to watch their programs. The Studio 502 team that covered the Cook-A-Thon Competition included Ernest, Prince Chenti and Sadik Cyber of Sagani TV. This team worked throughout the ten days in their quest to provide 24 hours live streaming of the event. Studio 502 is owned by Mr. Gregory Owusu Arthur, a development chief of Nyab Tamale Dakpema. He has been a song writer and music producer for several Northern base artist such as Ahmed Adam, Kassim Gazor, Abu Sadik among others. He recently organized the 2023 International Damba Festival in Dagbang which was aired on several radio and TV stations across the country. Due to his support and passion for development of Dagbang, Nyab Dakpema Bawa Fuseini enskined him as the Development Chief of Tamale. Studio 502 is into Media Consultancy, Training, HD Live Streaming, Sports coverage and Multiple Camera Production. Source: