Malaysians are unhappy with the country’s politicians and the decisions they make off late seems to be gaining grounds. Some residents expressed their frustrations on social and the traditional media, but some do it crazy away to get immediate result. People in one town in Mexico had enough of their mayor breaking his promises, so they took matters into their own hands. According to Mexico News Daily, people from 11 neighborhoods in Frontera Comalapa decided to tie their mayor, scar Ramrez Aguilar, to a tree after the new water system he promised them turned out to be a lie. Residents were angry because their mayor’s campaign promise was to fix the municipal water storage cistern, which is in bad shape and doesn’t meet safety standards for water. They said that there was no water inside because of leaks, and they said that their leaders just patched it up and did a bad job of it. “He told us this would be a good public works project for the people of Comalapa, but this tank is a joke and the water system doesn’t work very well. “It’s an old problem that he should have taken care of properly and made a priority during his time in office, because he came to our homes and made these promises, and now he doesn’t want to keep them,” said a local. It looks like the patch job on the concrete was so bad that it is already chipping away and falling apart. This isn’t the first time a powerful person in Comalapa has been tied up for not doing what they said they would do. Three years ago, a government official was tied to a pole because he or she was accused of not giving the promised money. Source: Club Mate