How important is early morning sex in a relationship As couples move through the different stages of marriage, they often discuss the importance of starting the day off on a positive note. It is well known that couples who have regular quality time, whether it be in the mornings or evenings, are more likely to sustain a healthy and successful marriage. But why is it especially important to make extra effort to rise at the break of dawn, to ensure a successful marriage? The importance of early morning in marriage lies in the fact that it allows couples a unique, uninterrupted quality time – away from their busy daily lives and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wake up an hour or two before the rest of the house and before life is overwhelmed with the demands and responsibilities of the day. This morning time can deepen the bond between both partners by allowing them to spend quality time with one another without distractions. Most couples find that having morning quality time offers them the chance to catch up with what has been going on for each other since the previous evening and allows them to plan the day ahead. Discussing the possibilities together and conversing about what the future holds can help to sustain the love and connection in their marriage. Morning times can also offer couples the chance to discover new activities that they can do together. Maybe they could plan out a special breakfast to be cooked or an outing to be taken during the day that can help add an extra layer of closeness to their marriage. Couples who rise early can also benefit through the release of endorphins that occur as they are exposed to the morning light. This release helps to create an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness, while also providing vital energy that can be used to be productive throughout the day. This boost of energy will help couples to tackle their problems with clarity and efficiency, thus enabling them to move forward in a more positive direction. Lastly, early morning time can help to establish a routine that is beneficial for couples. Having set routines does not only impart discipline within marriages, but also provides structure and gives couples a plan to strive for. Having a goal to wake up early so that they can do certain activities or spend quality time together can help to focus a couple lives and allow them to create a strong foundation of consistency. Overall, early morning time offers an invaluable opportunity for couples to maintain and strengthen their relationship. There is something special and unique to rising with the sun to devote some quality time to one another, even if it is just for a few minutes. Early morning moments can help to breed harmony and understanding in a marriage – a vital part of any successful marriage.