This article might be of great interest for you if you feel like you or your family member have been cursed. Breaking a curse might not be as difficult as it seem. Most people believe that only witches can break a curse. Well, that’s not true. Here is how to remove a curse using sea salt. For one to break a curse, they need to be aware of it signs and symptoms. A curse can manifest itself through symptoms such as medical problems, nightmares, relationship problems, inability to focus, loss of energy and insomnia. Here is how you can break the curse using salt and lemon. Lemons can be used to break a curse because they are abundant in solar energy. The nicest thing about using lemon to break a curse is that it will be able to tell when it has genuinely vanished. Try this magic out on a Sunday. Cut a fresh lemon into half and sprinkle a liberal amount of salt. Take one half of the lemon and move it towards your body. Hold the lemon an inch away while picturing the lemon removing bad energy. You can used both of them. Place the lemon on a surface and if the lemon dries, the curse was successfully broken. Sprinkle some salt on top abd throw it away.