Scarcity of water has hit Taabihini number one community in the Juo electoral area of the Bimbila Municipality compiling residents to temporarily relocate to nearby catchment areas. The residents mostly women and children say, they can't continue to bear the situation hence their decision to seek for shelter elsewhere, and to also abstain from being thirsty and tricking miles in search of treated and untreated water. The community has about thousand population with only one borehole, which was constructed by their fourth father's serving the the entire community. A survey conducted by the Thenorthernweb revealed that 20% of residents in the community have migrated to nearby communities due to the water crisis. The community share the borehole water with their animals, and also, being use for construction purposes. An elder of the community, Pungna Majoba said they have drawn the attention of the authorities on several occasions to help dredge and construct additional borehole for the area, but nothing fruitful had come out of the pleas. According to him, the community members including women and children have taken it upon themselves to dredge the river through hard labor. According to him business actors, school children and farmers spend much of their time to search for water, with some traveling to Bimbilla. The residents are therefore calling appealing to government agency, non-governmental organization (NGO) and philanthropists to come to their assistance. Source: Kojo Tamanjah