The attention of the Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has been drawn to a video in circulation on social media showing some national service personnel in queues in some of our district offices and going through the biometric evaluation process. Subsequently, some service personnel and sections of the public have asked questions and demanded explanations for the exercise. In a statement signed by Ambrose Entsiwah Jnr,Ag. Director, Corporate Affairs,he indicated,even though they had pre-informed service personnel about the process, they deem it necessary to offer further explanations considering the huge concerns and interests the video in circulation has generated. “In December last year, we announced the launch of our phase II biometric evaluation process for our district offices. This is to ensure that we achieve optimal efficiency with our final payroll and eliminate all forms of leakages at the entry point to our monthly payroll, as done with our regional registration process last year which continues to save the Government critical funds on an annual basis. We are aware of early delays at our district offices with the initial rollout. Still, we wish to assure all stakeholders that this is part of the early finetuning process essential for the overall improvement of our system. While our district officers have undergone extensive training, we kindly ask for patience as they adapt to this new process, which will ultimately lead to a more seamless experience for all. To address the current challenges, we have deployed extra support to our district offices to ensure a smoother process over the coming days, to speed up the process, and to complete it in good time to enable payment of the outstanding allowances. While appreciating the understanding and co-operation of our service personnel during this transitional period, we wish to assure all, of our unwavering commitment to providing services that deliver the highest level of efficiency to all our stakeholders in the country.”He maintained. Meanwhile, Chief Nurudeen Ibrahim, a youth activist and social commentator appealed to the national secretariat to kindly pay the service personnel by the close of this month to ease pressure and facilitate their movement to work. According to him the personnel are suffering at their respective work places with some unable to pay their rent. #Secondimage Source: Ayisah Foster