A Youth Activist in Ghana, Chief Nurudeen Ibrahim has reminded the National Service Secretariat about the unapproved and ban status of some service personnel. According to him, those facing the challenge are getting distress and worried each passing day. “As a youth activist who champions the wellbeing of the Ghanaian youth, I receive so many complaints on daily basis especially those who're trying to make earns means after completing school, recently, some service personnel reached out to me for me to remind the national NSS secretariat about their allowance delay, with some being worried that their details have not been approved on their dashboard, I know the national secretariat are updating their system for a better service or technical hitches, but am appealing to the secretariat to kindly do something before the end of this month or first week of March some of the personnel will go on a begging spree”. He said. He revealed that some of the personnel depend on others and quick loan to survive. Chief Nurudeen however advised the personnel to recheck the details on their portals for any mismatch or wrong information, explaining that most of the personnel has wrong details on their portals with some having outdated E-Zwich number. He indicated that the delay of the monthly allowance is putting pressure and hardship on the national service personnel and their families, especially those posted outside their comfort areas. Chief Nurudeen urged all National Service personnel in the country to report their challenges to their respective NSS district secretariat for solution and accurate information. He further commended staff and management of the NSS secretariat for their time and patience in dealing the service personnel. Source: Thenorthernweb.com