Reactions have been stirred up on social media as a result of a brief video that shows President Akufo-Addo yelling in amazement at the violent manner in which an overweight woman was shaking her well-endowed rear end. Akufo-Addo is heard yelling “Eii!” while a dancing woman frantically moves her large buttocks. The media house says that the President and other dignitaries were at an event put on by the Ghana Armed Forces when he was caught on tape being amazed by the women’s dancing skills. In the video, the women can be seen dancing to delight the crowd while wearing leggings that hug their bodies and highlight their stunning forms. Akufo-Addo, who was seated amid security guards and other dignitaries, turned his attention to the women because of the energizing dance routines that they performed, despite the fact that they were overweight. Metropolitan Television released the video on its Twitter page, which resulted in a great deal of laughter and led to many Ghanaians making jokes about the content of the film. The aspect of the performance that left him speechless was when one of the dancers turned her back to him and shook her “goods” with startling ease. Although he couldn’t help but smile as he watched it, it left him speechless. After that, he exclaimed “ei!”.