The Managing Editor of and a youth activist, Chief Nurudeen Ibrahim has urged the new Finance Minister and Member of Parliament of Karaga, Hon. Mohammed Amin Adam to address the current economic challenges facing the country. Expressing optimism in the Finance Minister’s ability to lead an economic turnaround, Chief Nurudeen encouraged him to implement key strategies and measures for the success of the economy. The youth activist advised the Minister to build upon the initiatives of his predecessor and foster close collaboration with the Ministry’s staff to achieve set goals. Highlighting the high expectations of Ghanaians regarding financial leadership, Chief Nurudeen emphasized the President’s confidence in the Finance Minister. “Although the country is going through economic difficulties, there is hope for an economic turnaround if the right measures are implemented. His Predecessor has put in place some measures as part of efforts to address the economic conditions, I will urge him to continue from where he left off. “Mohammed Amin is not a new person at the Finance Ministry, he was there already. I will also urge him to work closely with the staff at the Ministry so he can share ideas with them to achieve the goals that have been set. Ghanaians are now looking up to him when it comes to finance issues”. He said. Chief Nurudeen admonished the Akufu-Addo's government through the Minister to create more jobs for the unemployed youth, starting that, acquiring jobs after National Service is a very big challenge to the Ghanaian youth. He further reminded government and the National Service secretariat to fast-track the payment of the service personnel allowance. Source: