The Overload of Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has bemoaned how some people persist to show all forms of hatred against Asanteman. He said people have intentionally distorted the history of Ghana to peddle false allegations against Ashantes to make them unpopular. Speaking at a commemorative durbar, dubbed “Kuntunkuni”, to mark the 150th anniversary of the famous Sagrenti War, on February 8 at Manhyia Palace in Kumasi, Asantehene indicated that any attempt to exclude Ashanti from the history of Ghana would end up of loathing Asanteman. According to him, though Asahnti is part of Ghana now and abides by the rule of law, Ghanaians should understand that Ashanti was its own nation before they were called to join Ghana to fight for the independence and that they (Ashanti) should be remembered as such. Adding that Asanteman lives in love and unity so Ghanaians should consider that and come together to build the country. He bemoaned that he doesn’t know what wrong Asanteman has done for people to hate them like that. “Now we are part of Ghana so we abide by the rule of law, but what Ghanaians have to understand is that no matter what you can’t take away Ashanti from the history of Ghana, whether politicians, pastors, whosoever, you can not take Ashanti away from it. If you want to take Ashanti from it you will hate us and it will come over you, those who sit in their rooms to plot against us should stop because it will not work. We are united and love each other here, what did we do wrong? What love should we show you, why are you paying back our love with hatred, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II bemoaned. He also urged the various political parties to understand that the role that Ashanti played for the independence struggle of Ghana is imperative so without Ashanti whatever they are doing will not succeed “Let us all unite to help Ghana, all the political parties should understand that without Ashanti it will not succeed” Asantehene added. Otumfuo also revealed that before Ashanti join the fight for independence, the leaders told his uncle, Osei Agyemang Prempeh II who was then the King of Ashanti that they would made him like the foreign queen and they would be the prime minister but it seems people have forgotten the history of Ghana. “They came and said ‘Nana, come and join us to become one people so that when we succeed, we will make you like the foreign queen (Queen Elizabeth) and we will be the prime minister. We all know the history of Ghana but it looks as if we have forgotten them” He revealed.
By Elvis Anokye