Kwabena Frimpong, the Deputy Protocol Director for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has reaffirmed his unwavering belief that Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia will emerge victorious in the 2024 presidential polls due to this competence that he has exhibited over the years and his visionary policy statement He stated that Dr. Bawumia will compel Mr. Mahama to retire from politics after his massive defeat in the December polls in an interview with a Daily Searchlight correspondent. "After being rejected twice in 2016 and 2020 due to incompetence and corruption like Geeda, Sada, NSS Scandals, Bus Branding, and Isophotone, etc which engulfed his government, and in 2024 would lose miserably, one can't phantom why Mr Incompetence Mahama thinks Ghanaians have so soon forgotten?' He went on to say that the former president would lose to Dr. Bawumia and the ruling New Patriotic Party a third time to realize that Ghanaians no longer required his leadership. The NPP Flagbearer, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumial has outlined his vision to the party and the public in what he termed as the ‘Bold Solution for the Future’ for his government, should he be handed the mandate to lead the country in 2025. The visions he presented to the public lay more emphasis on attaining sustainable macroeconomic stability, the reduction in taxation, building a digital economy and making Ghana a digital hub, reducing the cost of living, Power sector reform, and maximization of the benefits from natural resources. The rest includes Industrialization for jobs, Fighting corruption using digitization and a cashless society, development of a credit system for Ghana, having a national development plan, Constitutional review, Collaboration with faith-based organizations, Tourism, Sports, and Creative Arts, Care for the vulnerable and special needs, and additional priorities. In response to Dr. Bawumia's address on his vision for Ghana, Mr. Kwabena said that the Vice President highlighted specific policy ideas that could potentially be able to pull to build a prosperous country for all “Dr. Bawumia touched on policies that would aid solve most Ghanaian challenges, which I believe can help Ghana improve on the current success being chalked by the Government, Ghanaians were impressed with the brilliance of the Vice President’s vision for the nation, dubbed the new chapter for Ghana." He claims that the Vice President has significantly eased the living conditions of every Ghanaian through the process of digitalization, and he says that this is an area that requires attention in the battle against corruption. He believes that Dr. Bawumia possesses all the attributes, abilities, and Qualities of a modern-day leader who would implement innovative ideas to solve our problems as a Country. Let's Give Dr Mahamadu Bawumia the opportunity as President. Incompetent Mahama has been President before and his output was very poor his recent campaigns are indicative of a Man who has no vision or proper policy for this country. Source: