Six shameless lecturers of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) have recently been arrested and are under a series of investigations after reportedly having sëx with their students in exchange for good grades. The case was reported by the Vice- Chancellor (VC), Prof. Charles Esimone. Talking with columnists in Akwa, Anambra State capital, Esimone revealed that all around, two of such randy lecturers have been shown the exit plan, while two others are on suspension. The vice chancellor expressed assuming after exhaustive examination if any of such lecturers were found liable, the lecturer would be sacked, adding that the school could not bear such offenses. His words: “The case including one of the said lecturers never came up under me as a vice- chancellor. It was not under my residency and I will not have the option to express a lot about it. It very well might be conceivable under any of my ancestors. Be that as it may, what I saw was an online entertainment report- suspending him which is the best approach. Fair treatment is significant in taking care of such an issue”. “First, is to suspend the individual and explore. What we are doing now is an examination and whenever it is finished and he is arraigned by the board, it will then, at that point, go to the joint gathering senate disciplinary panel and that is the advisory group that anything it says will be introduced to the chamber- an ultimate conclusion. “ ” Assuming we do any other way, he will go to court; regardless of whether it stays 10 years and that is the very thing we have had. The past VCs’ did that and the individuals who had returned, we are paying intensely because fair treatment was not followed” . “When you suspend an individual, we explore appropriately. There is no inclination, no opinion about it, assuming that you use feeling and excuse the individual, no issue, after one year, he will move toward court for harm. We are following fair treatment for this situation, whenever he is viewed as guilty, he will leave the university, there is no doubt. “ Throughout the long term, terrorizing, and badgering of female students in Nigeria, especially in tertiary organizations, has become uncontrolled. With this turn of events, it is trusted that students’ ‘ certainty to report any type of provocation and coercion by their lecturers, would be helped.