Mentorship is Critical in Choosing a Career - Mangul-lana to Ghanaian youth The Chief of Manguli in the Banvim traditional area, Mangul-lana Alhassan Abdul Rahman has advised Ghanaian youth to consider associating themselves with experience people in society as mentors. According to him, mentorship help in shaping the youth to become responsible persons in future. Addressing students, academicians and youth chiefs at the Tamale Technical University DASA Handing-over Ceremony as chairman of the occasion, he said many important and influential people in society today wouldn't had reach their status without the involvement of guidance and mentors. “All of us here wouldn't had become who we are today, if not because of the guidance and the mentorship that we had, choosing a future career is critical so am advising everyone here especially the youth to associate yourselves to an experience person who can guide you”. Naa Mohammed Tamaklou, Yeni Dul-lana and a Guest speaker at the occasion called for coexistence, peace and tolerance among the youth, this he believed would harness their growth and development. He urged the gathering to continue seeking for knowledge since education has no timeframe and thus offer better opportunities. Chief Tamaklou expressed concern on the raise of tramadol and alcohol abuse among the Ghanaian youth, he admonished the youth to distance themselves from such practices.
The Association Patron, Professor Abdul Razak Abubakari commended the past leadership of DASA for a great job done. According to him, the immediate past leadership led by chief Nurudeen have been able to rollout several programs and also attract well meaning individuals to the Tamale Technical University including prominent chiefs and technocrats. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Abass Braimah lauded leadership of DASA for their love for culture, but was quick to advise students to take their studies serious. He admonished the youth to help in preserving the Ghanaian culture, adding that culture and tradition is the identity of people. Source: