Striker of the Uruguay senior football club, Luis Suarez says there's no need for him to render apology to Ghanaians after his conduct on the field of play. In the 2010 world cup, player Suarez scored a controversial goal between Ghana and Uruguay when he used his hand to pushed a running football into Ghana's goal post, this sparked agitation among football lovers across the globe. Responding to the said alledged misbehave at a press in Qatar, he maintained his earlier position of scoring a genuine goal, and not a hand ball. “I don’t need to apologize. I’d apologize if I injured a player, but in this situation, I handled the ball, I take a red card and the Ghana player missed the penalty. It’s not my fault. I didn’t miss the penalty. It’s not my responsibility.” "I'm the only survivor [Ghana 2010], so there's no point in talking too much, it's a game where we will need points to progress to the next round." He said. Source: