Captain of the Ghana Blackstars, Dede Ayew has bemoaned that his moments at the world cup in Qatar was very difficult. According to him, he lost his godson and in addition his daughter was rushed to the hospital after the Uruguay match. He expressed optimism that the difficult moments will inspire him to come back stronger and better in the future, and so the Black stars. He said in his social media handle. Read the full Social Media Post Below. Our final group match result was not what we were looking forward to in the tournament, but unfortunately it ended up this way,. I am very, very proud of all my teammates for putting up a wonderful team spirit on and off the pitch, for our country Ghana. Personally, it has been very difficult moments for me in the past few days. I lost my godson the morning before the Portugal game, and my daughter was also rushed to the hospital after the Uruguay. Thanks to the Almighty Allah, she’s getting better. This difficult moments will inspire me to come back stronger and better in the future, and so I believe, will the Black Stars. In our true Ghanaian spirits, WE WILL NEVER SAY DIE, UNTIL THE BONES ARE ROTTEN, WO KUM APEM A, APEM BEBA, Thank you all for your prayers and unwavering support.πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ REST IN PEACE ADAM 🀲🏽😞 πŸ—£ Andre Ayew - Black Stars Captain Source: